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Welcome to Dare 2 Xpress Fashion
Fashion is a form of art and self expression which allows you to be creative, fearless, and imaginative.
Your individuality and personality is expressed by the clothes you wear and the colors you choose.
We look for styles we hope will inspire you to create your own aesthetic and your own image.
It's not only what you wear but how you wear it. Be fearless, be confident, be you and Dare 2 Xpress. 
Who Are We?
Buyer/Junior Misses Apparel
"I love wearing clothes that show my personality. I mix and match things to create my own Sabriya Style".
    • Favorite Colors: purple and teal
    • Favorite Artists: KISS, Prince and Vanessa Carlton
    • Favorite Activities: playing tennis, being with friends and family
    • Dreams: to go to USC and play on the women's tennis team
Owner/Buyer Adult Women's Apparel
"I love expressing myself with the clothes I wear. I like styles that are sexy, that flow and are versatile.
    • Favorite Colors: purple and teal
    • Favorite Artists: Aerosmith, Seal and Savage Garden
"I am attracted to the bold, daring, and dramatic. Wear whatever you want and wear it with attitude"
    • Favorite Colors: purple, black and pink
    • Favorite Artists: Prince, David Bowie, Kate Bush and Marilyn Monroe